Passief inkomen

Passive income

There are an increasing number of people who build an additional or passive income in addition to their jobs or businesses. This is a nice addition to your existing income and gives you more freedom to do what you really want to do, without money being an immediate fence line. For example, you want to take a nice trip, have more time for family and friends or have time left over for a hobby. Another benefit of passive income is the ability to save money for greater financial security for the future. Not surprisingly, more and more people worldwide are looking for ways to enjoy life more now and in the future.

What is passive income?

Passive income, in short, is income you receive without actively working on it all the time. Existing good examples of passive income include: income from a property you rent out, dividends from your investment or online income. The money you make from this requires no recurring effort from you; the income keeps repeating. The opposite is an active income, where your effort is rewarded like employment.


Why generate passive income?

The reasons why you want to generate passive income varies from person to person; after all, we have different wants or needs. Reasons that are common for choosing supplemental or additional income are:

Financial independence

In short, this means that you no longer have to depend on a job or employer for your livelihood. It gives you more freedom to arrange your life the way you want.


You build up a “buffer” when life gets tough for a while with job loss or unforeseen expenses. Having such extra income can also help you build up savings, a pension or pay off a current debt.


One of the most common reasons and motivations for generating passive income is travel. A passive income with an online concept even allows you to travel and work from abroad!

Realizing wishes

With a passive income, you enable yourself to finally realize the things you have been dreaming about for some time. Think about buying a house, a car or getting an education.

So there are several ways to earn an extra income on your own that is recurring and thus contributes to your financial independence.

Generate a passive income with IsaFit Europe

To make your personal goals come true, Team IsaFit Europe has developed a business model. This ensures that you will have every opportunity to realize your desires. Want more free time or to save for your children’s studies? It is at your fingertips. We help you get started so you can do business online and location independent. You don’t do that alone, but together with us. At the pace that feels right for you, because we believe in building your extra income sustainably.

At IsaFit Europe, everyone is welcome. You don’t need a start-up investment, premises or staff, and we provide you with all the tools you need. All team members bring valuable knowledge from their diverse backgrounds that is shared. Consider entrepreneurs, freelancers, as well as entrepreneurial staff members with employment. We will support you in areas such as personal leadership, communication and provide you with a toolkit that you can start using right away.

Building a passive income does require effort. Once the basics are in place, you can expect recurring income for which you put much less or even no effort. At that point, you have generated passive income.

Health & Wealth business model

Our business model is built around Health & Wealth. After all, a healthy lifestyle and financial stability go hand in hand. With this, you can live a healthy, balanced and more fulfilling life. We’ll help you shape your plans to get you on the right path to balancing health and your financial goals. Ultimately, here lies the beginning of your well-being and a happier life!