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IsaFit Europe’s business model

The term Health & Wealth is central to IsaFit Europe’s business model. A good balance between work, income, health and well-being are important for a happy and fulfilling life. Health & Wealth is at the heart of how we do business and is clearly reflected in everything we do. This is the first step towards your personal goals and the team at IsaFit Europe will help you achieve them.

Building your own business online

The Health & Wealth program enables you to generate additional income independently. To do this, we provide you with all the necessary information, training and tools for marketing, sales and communications. The program is structured so that it is possible for anyone to build your extra income online with the main benefits being:

  • You independently build a passive income

  • without initial investment

  • without staff or premises

  • without the investment in stocks

  • With comprehensive training and toolkit

  • With a team to share information and spar

The Health & Wealth business model allows you to decide when and how much time you invest in your business and the pace at which you build your income.

Online business bouwen - Isafit Europe

Teamwork makes the dream work

Entrepreneurship is something we do together! The team helps you with everything you need to successfully execute your efforts. We regularly host live or online events to learn from each other or gain inspiration. And outside of the scheduled events, you are of course always welcome to submit your questions to us. Do you have a good experience or idea of your own that you would like to share? We are open to that, because together we achieve the best results!

Independent but not alone

Meet team members at monthly (online) events where we share news, tips and best practices. You are free to participate in these at the times and locations that best suit you. Check out our Event page for more information and locations of scheduled events. Not yet a member of our team? You are equally welcome!

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